Ivi Porà’s name is born

from the word “Yvy pòra”

which means “human”

in the dialect of the

guaraní indians

of paraguay.


Ivi pora´s artist career

developed behind scenes,

colaborating and writing

with and for other artists

often folk music.


He was born and raised

in Costa Rica and

developed himself as a

private event show

musician often

performing in different

languages like english,

french, japanese

and italian.

His first music production

as Ivi Porà was released

in winter 2018, consisting

of 3 song EP, each one

describing and narrating

a futuristic world

specifically in 2050

where humans are being

quietly silenced

by technology and

Artificial intelligence.


His voice, lyrics,

compositions often

have a kind of nostalgic

and melancholic air.


Nevertheless, he assures

there is also very much

hope in he´s compositions.



Mountain Lions:

The tribe of Mountain Lions is a rebel movement

that resides hidden in the most arid mountains

around the world.


It is a strong, cinematic song which represents

the hymn of the movement. Poetically written

in collaboration with a good friend of Ivi’s,

David González, the song talks about not giving in,

surviving, breaking down the oppression

of technology in human freedom, and bien sûre,



The arrangements and mixture of tribal

instruments and chants paint the song with

human rawness. Nevertheless, the presence

of certain synths give a sense

of a futuristic environment.



Le samedi

figé pour toujours:

As the lyrics call it, describes the people that live

in a futuristic world where the dehumanization

is present in almost every level.


Research has stated that developing technologies

will question as to when can a human stop

being human, and where does consciousness

stands when it is uploaded to a machine.


In a future where people immerse themselves

into machines and subsist in a virtual reality world,

Ivi Porà describes the effects of these decisions

in the hope that humanity doesn't disappear

as we know it.




In a future where religion has died and people have

lost faith and belief for god, artificial intelligence

becomes a kind of worshiped technology where

humans devote their serenity.


Through a monologue,"Sometimes" presents

the feeling of desperation, where

“sometime's you still feel there is a god listening

and sometimes you don´t."


Accurately, as the song phrases

“I don´t know when I’m gonna be leaving you”,

it points to new generations and their struggle

in questioning what to believe in, giving up on

faith as we know it and unconsciously developing

a new kind of faith in technology advancement.